Forum:Data loss on 09-11-18

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Ten wątek nie był edytowany od 281 dni. Nie baw się w archeologa i nie odkopuj go. Zamiast tego możesz wrócić na stronę główną forum i założyć nowy temat.

Hi (sorry for speaking english). Im a member of the Operations team at miraheze. We are informing you that your wiki has suffered some data loss in terms of images / any files). During this we have found that our backup of LizardFS* (static) (where we keep the files), did not allow us to restore each wikis content without requiring a full restore. We do apologise and we are putting measures in place to prevent us from not being able to restore wikis files again.

We filled this task to fix backups for the future. Paladox (dyskusja) 02:41, 9 lis 2018 (UTC)